E3 will return June 15th, 2021

You won’t be completely out of luck if you’re eager for gaming news in late spring. On top of Microsoft’s online Xbox event, IGN is orchestrating an event this June with numerous major developers and platform creators, including Amazon, Google, 2K Games, Sega and Square Enix. While we wouldn’t count on an abundance of news, it may be as close as you get to the E3 experience until next year.

E3 2020 was expected to be one of the largest events in recent years with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X vying for attention on top of the usual game announcements, even with Sony skipping the convention. Next year’s event won’t have quite the same impact. While it should be the first E3 with PS5 and Xbox Series X games, the hardware will have been established by that point — any excitement is more likely to revolve around the potential for the second wave of games for these new consoles.

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