Health & Sleep Tracking Ring, Oura Raises $28 Million

The Oura Ring hardware is sleek and packed with sensors, allowing it to measure a user’s sleep patterns, take your body temperature and track activity. Oura prioritizes the role of sleep in terms of its contribution to health, and has also recently ventured into the realm of meditation, but it acts as a general fitness […]Read More

Apple Retail Stores – Closed Until Further Notice

Apple is expecting a longer disruption to shopping at their brick and mortar retail stores as a result of the public health crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this week, in a press release, Apple said it would be closing retail stores outside China until March 27. A note on its website now says […]Read More

Apple Adds More Storage Options to the Mac Mini

Apple today announced the Mac Mini will ship with more standard storage space. Starting at $799, the base model Mac Mini now ships with a 256GB SSD, up from 128GB previously. The CPU, GPU and system memory remains the same from the previous model. This refresh is a slight but welcomed bump to Apple’s least […]Read More

3-D Printed Open-Source Ventilator Project Validation Prototype

When smart, technically-oriented people come together in a time of need, an open-source hardware project started by a group including Irish entrepreneur Colin Keogh and Breeze Automation CEO and co-founder Gui Calavanti has produced a prototype ventilator using 3D-printed parts and readily available, inexpensive material.  The ventilator prototype was designed and produced in just seven […]Read More

Intel Destroyer, AMD Ryzen 9 – Price Drop

The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X comes with 12 Zen 2 cores and 24 threads, punching in at a base clock of 3.8 GHz. It’ll boost notably higher at up to 4.6 GHz on its best cores. This is a great CPU for gaming with ample headroom, but also has the punch needed for highly threaded workloads, such as video editing, as we […]Read More

New AMD Ryzen 9 Mobile Processors: 4900H & 4900HS

AMD announced two new mobile computing units: the new top-of-the-line Ryzen 9 4900H family. This family consists of the standard H model built for 45 W operation, and the HS model at 35 W. These parts will offer more frequency and more graphics performance than the rest of AMD’s offerings, and are the only APUs […]Read More

Big Brain Tactic to Win the Gulag in COD: Warzone

If you’ve played COD’s new play-mode Warzone than you definitely have run through the agony of the Gulag. After death on the battlefield players are tasked to find any advantage of winning the Gulag’s 1v1 final battle. The loser gets taken back to base where their life can be purchased back by their team and […]Read More

Overwatch League Going Online

Last week, the Overwatch League cancelled all live events until at least May as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. The updated schedule has been released which will see a full set of matches hosted by the Overwatch League rather than individual teams. To mitigate travel and latency issues the new schedule will be matching […]Read More

Check It Out, PS5 Hardware Specs are Here!

Today Sony unveiled the technical and hardware components of the next-generation Playstation 5 console. Mark Cerny, lead system architect for the PS5, gave fans an in depth look into the hardware system’s architecture and how PS5 is designed to benefit both the developers and gamers. In Mark’s presentation, he explained that Sony has upgraded the […]Read More