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Hello, internet. It’s your friend TC, executive editor

Microsoft to prioritize cloud access for first responders and emergency services

Microsoft is planning to prioritize access to its

A guide to working at home using Zoom, Slack, and other tools

It’s difficult to try to keep things normal

Virtual F1 and NASCAR events are filling the gap left by canceled races

For many, the cancellation of major sporting events

Best Buy moves to curbside pickup only as orders for home office equipment surge

Starting today, Best Buy is limiting its US

Best Buy, GameStop limit stores to curbside pickup

GameStop’s move is unsurprisingly simpler given the products

Razer will make a million masks to help fight coronavirus

As companies and countries around the world battle

AT&T CEO addresses major surge in mobile, Wi-Fi usage as people work from home

AT&T’s networks have seen a surge of usage



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